Clients of Casa Bella Cleaning Service, LLC. enjoy the distinct flexibility of setting their own price limit for our cleaning services. That means No scary bills at the end of our service

We have a set price per hour per person.
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Each cleaning is GUARANTEED.

Customer satisfaction is #1 at Casa Bella Cleaning Service! 

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How It Works


1. We ask you to prepare a list in order of priority of what you want done. Our cleaners then complete as much of the list within the designated time YOU set for us based on your budget. 

2. CLEANING PRODUCTS: You can either provide your own cleaning products or we can use ours. If you have special products (such as granite cleaner or chemical free cleaners) we ask that you set those out for the cleaners. You will need to provide your own vacuum and cleaning rags. *Note: We do this to avoid spreading pet dander and other contaminates from house to house*

3. RELAX! And enjoy your CLEAN home! 


1. Send us an email or discuss over the phone with our office what your business or location would like cleaned and how often. We gladly can come out to you and provide you with a free estimate to get your entire location spic and span!

2. We will draw up a proposal, email it to you, and you can let us know if it's perfect for your establishment. We provide all generic cleaning products, unless you have a specific product (such as granite cleaner or chemical free cleaners), then we simply would ask you to provide them. If your company does not have a vacuum or mop, we can provide that for you!